sábado, 16 de agosto de 2008

I will derive

At first I was afraid, what could the answer be?
It said given this position find velocity.
So I tried to work it out, but I knew that I was wrong.
I struggled; I cried, "A problem shouldn't take this long!"
I tried to think, control my nerve.
It's evident that speed's tangential to that time-position curve.
This problem would be mine if I just knew that tangent line.
But what to do? Show me a sign!

So I thought back to Calculus.
Way back to Newton and to Leibniz,
And to problems just like this.
And just like that when I had given up all hope,
I said nope, there's just one way to find that slope.
And so now I, I will derive.
Find the derivative of x position with respect to time.
It's as easy as can be, just have to take dx/dt.
I will derive, I will derive. Hey, hey!

And then I went ahead to the second part.
But as I looked at it I wasn't sure quite how to start.
It was asking for the time at which velocity
Was at a maximum, and I was thinking "Woe is me."
But then I thought, this much I know.
I've gotta find acceleration, set it equal to zero.
Now if I only knew what the function was for a.
I guess I'm gonna have to solve for it someway.

So I thought back to Calculus.
Way back to Newton and to Leibniz

Me lo encontré en Coudal :-D

4 comentarios:

Javi dijo...

Me ha encantado! :D

Y que grandes actores. Viva la cara de éxtasis newtoniano!!

servidora dijo...


El "go-go boy_pianista" de rojo que se mantiene en un discreto segundo plano, me tiene absorta ;-) :-D

javi dijo...

Él es sin duda el artista lanzador de folios oscilantes. ¿Has visto alguna vez unos folios caer de forma tan alegre, como al compás de la música?

errante dijo...

Sobre todo discreto :)